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Global Reach Institute
is honored to have been voted

"2007 Best in Travel Class"

By Transitions Abroad Magazine

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in Transitions Abroad Magazine! 

With over forty years combined experience in developing  international education programs, the Global Reach Team is  honored to receive the award of “Best in Travel Class” for 2007".  We put our heart and soul into each program we develop, fully realizing how much time and money you are investing in this journey of a lifetime. 

Global Reach Institute works in alliance with Project HOPE, Hands On Disaster Response, and various associations/universities to develop top quality educational programs that are requested by host institutions abroad.  This alliance allows us the ability to work with projects that are already under way in other countries while providing our delegates the opportunity to volunteer and get involved should they wish.

It has taken us years to develop the relationships with host institutions, organizations, families and governments that let us provide the highest level of professional meetings, site visits, and memorable moments in host countries.  Evidence of these relationships is in the official invitations that we receive from host organizations such as the Chinese Medical Doctors Association, Chinese Nursing Association, DENOSA (South African Nurses Assn), Chinese Mental Health Assn, China Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and several international universities. 

Global Reach was founded on the premise that if we put together people with like interests, they will gain understanding and friendships  which have the power to build bridges between nations.    We believe that each of us has something to offer through our experience, education, and expertise…..that is why we try to build each delegation with a heart toward both teaching and learning.  It is our hope that you will leave a host country with new colleagues and friends that you will use this as a foundation for future collaboration.  We believe your journey with us is just the beginning of your relationship with the country you visit! 

Founding partners of Global Reach Institute with President and Vice-president
of the Chinese Medical Doctors Association

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