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Global Reach Institute
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"2007 Best in Travel Class"

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Art Education in South Africa
June 18-26, 2011

Early Childhood Development in China
June 22-July 1-2011

Primary Education in China
June 22-July 1, 2011

Secondary Education in South Africa
June 18-26, 2011

Special Education in China
June 22-July 1, 2011

Music Teachers in China
June 22-July 1, 2011

Higher Education Delegations
upon request 

Education Delegations with Global Reach Institute take you inside the lives of teachers in a foreign land.  The best teachers have learned that the more enriching experiences they bring to the classroom, the better teachers they are.  Global Reach Institute develops delegations around focused disciplines in education, so that you might network and learn from your international colleagues that are in the same arena.  We intertwine visits with educators at the university level, where we discuss curriculum and credentials, all the way to rural school houses with dirt floors.  We want you to learn about the full spectrum of your field of expertise in the host country.

Some of the disciplines we work with are: teaching of the gifted and talented, special education, primary education, reading education, early childhood development, and higher education in specific fields of study.

We hope to bring back teachers who have a more global view of what is happening in the world, and can express that through their teaching to the next generation who will be living in a much smaller world.

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